Second Telling Missions – Sabotage the Enigma

Room: Sabotage the Enigma
Location: Second Telling Missions, 397 King St, Newtown
Date: 15/07/2017
Participants: 3
Cost: $39.50 per player
Escaped: Yes, but we needed extra time
Difficulty: 5

Overall rating: 40/40

A unique, interactive escape room that is as fun as it is challenging. Continue reading “Second Telling Missions – Sabotage the Enigma”

Ripper – Augmented Reality Escape Room

Using the latest in location-aware technology & augmented reality, you’ll have to solve the clues & track the killer… before he catches you.

A serial killer is loose on the City Streets – and they are picking off seemingly unconnected victims at random.

You’ve got to use the existing case files, your instincts and whatever clues you can find to connect the victims and identify the killer.

Ripper is apparently the world’s first AR escape room experience. They’re running one-day only events in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide for a maximum of 250 people. The website isn’t particularly clear, but they have a FAQ with more information here and Melbourne tickets are onsale here at a cost of $100 per person. Sydney tickets go onsale tomorrow and you can sign up to the waitlist now.

Although the tickets are quite expensive, I’m definitely booking mine tomorrow! I love the idea of using AR to enhance an escape room activity, and having to identify the killer before they find me is equal parts terrifying and exciting! Once the killer gets within ten metres of you your game is over, so there’s a real sense of danger and urgency that isn’t present in a traditional escape room.

Are you planning to check it out? Have you done something similar before? Think it’s a terrible idea and nothing will ever beat a traditional escape room? Let me know.

Second Telling Missions – Rescue the White Rose

Room: Rescue the White Rose
Location: Second Telling Missions, 397 King St, Newtown
Date: 15/04/2017
Participants: 3
Cost: $39.50 per player
Escaped: Yes, with some hints
Difficulty: 5

Overall rating: 34/40

If you’re looking for a challenging room with a bit of history thrown into the mix, you won’t do better than this. Continue reading “Second Telling Missions – Rescue the White Rose”

Social Escape Rooms – Baker Street Mystery

Room: Baker Street Mystery
Location: 62 Wyndham St, Alexandria
Date: 11/03/2017
Participants: 4
Cost: $38 per person (but pricing varies depending on number of players and day of the week)
Escaped: Yes, right in the nick of time
Difficulty: 4

Overall rating: 38/40

If you’ve ever wanted to be Sherlock Holmes, this fiendishly difficult room will have you scratching your head while you live out your dreams. Continue reading “Social Escape Rooms – Baker Street Mystery”

Next Level Escape – Ex Libris

Room: Ex Libris
Location: Next Level Escape, Level 2/37 Bligh St, Sydney
Date: 21/01/2017
Participants: 3
Cost: $52 per player with 3 people (less with more players)
Escaped: Yes, with all objectives completed
Difficulty: 4

Overall rating: 38/40

A literary-themed escape room that is incredible amounts of fun and brilliantly put together. Continue reading “Next Level Escape – Ex Libris”