My name is Alana, I’m primarily located in Sydney and I love escape rooms. I played my first room in early 2016 and have been hooked ever since. I can’t say I’m always that great at them, but I love the challenge of trying to be just a little bit better each time and nothing beats that moment when you suddenly figure something out.

After playing rooms in a few different cities and states in Australia I thought it was time I started a blog, in part to help people decide which rooms to try, but mostly just so I wouldn’t forget my experiences.

My reviews rate rooms across four categories, as well as giving a separate difficulty rating. There can be a little crossover between categories, but broadly I try to break them down as follows:

Theming: How well did the room fit the theme? Did the puzzles and challenges work with the theming, or did they make no sense in the context of the room?

Creativity: Were the puzzles innovative? Were there things I’ve never seen before? Were there a variety of different types of puzzles to solve, or did the room rely solely on combination locks?

Fun: Was the room fun to play? Did it make sense, or was there poor flow? Did I constantly get frustrated by various things, or was I engaged and enjoying myself the whole time?

Atmosphere: Were the game masters welcoming? Did it feel like a labour of love, or just a business?

Obviously the above categories are very subjective. I might rate a room a 8/10 for fun simply because I don’t enjoy the premise or find it too challenging. With that in mind, any room that I’ve rated a 30 or more is recommended as being an excellent room worth visiting.