Social Escape – Bank Heist (again!)

Room: Bank Heist
Location: Social Escape Level 2, 62 Wyndham Street Alexandria
Date: 2/12/2018
Participants: 4
Cost: $40 per person
Escaped: YES
Difficulty: 5

To see my full review of Bank Heist, go here.

Yes, a full week later we were back again for Round Two.  We’d been told that only two teams had been able to finish all the optional puzzles and win the cash prize at the end (originally $500, but now a more modest $100) and we were determined to be the first team to crack it in two attempts.

Not only did we achieve our goal, but we managed it in an impressive 35 minutes with no hints, which is our best result by far (the printout I have says 44 minutes, but I also distinctly remember seeing 25 minutes left on the clock once we finished so I’m going to go with that!). Admittedly, you’d hope we wouldn’t need hints for the tasks we’d already successfully completed a week earlier, but it’s funny how quickly everything leaves you – largely I think because when you’re in a room you get swept up in everything and instantly forget things as soon as they’re finished. You get no hints with the optional puzzles so that part was really a test of our skill – and while I’m sure being an experienced group helped, we also enjoyed the challenge. There were definitely still a few unexpected twists and turns and I don’t think any of us actually believed it when we’d finished! I won’t give away any of the puzzles of course, but it’s a very challenging room and I definitely think we lucked out with a few things. The whole experience was very satisfying – as were the bottles of wine the team shared afterwards with our winnings.

I highly recommend a trip to Alexandria to do one of Mark’s rooms if you get the chance. If you’re a little less experienced with escape rooms then Paris is a great room to start with, but if you want a challenge you really can’t go past Bank Heist. It’s a beautifully constructed room and a lot of fun to play. I’m sure one team will eventually be able to get all the way through in just one attempt, so I can’t wait to see who it will be… but for now, I think we might be the record holders, which is very exciting for me! Maybe I’ll quit escape rooms now and go out on a high – but they’re just so much fun I don’t think I can stop playing.

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