The Enigma Room – In Memoriam

Room: In Memoriam
Location: The Enigma Room, Suite 602, Level 6, 262 Pitt Street
Date: 22/07/2017
Participants: 3
Cost: $37 per person for 3 players
Escaped: Yes, with time to spare
Difficulty: 3

Overall rating: 37/40

A truly memorable room that’s a lot of fun to play with some fantastic puzzles.

A woman in a coma.

No name, no identity. Condition deteriorating, time running out.

To save her, you and your team must travel deep into her consciousness and relive her memories. Experience the joys of her past, and you may just save her future. But be quick, otherwise you might find yourself as nothing but another memory…

In Memoriam was one of the very first escape rooms in Sydney, and one of the first I heard about back when I started playing them. The Enigma Room have been operating for two years, which is quite an achievement, considering how many rooms have strted up since then. My team and I originally put off playing this room because we’d heard it was quite difficult and we wanted to get some more experience first. Then, time happened, and a year later we finally got around to playing it. I’m pleased to report that it was absolutely worth the wait and my only regret is not playing it sooner.

In Memoriam previously used a walkie talkie system for hints, but have now upgraded to use an iPad instead. You’re able to press a button to ask for hints, but hints will also be offered to you when you’re falling behind or getting too far off track, unless you indicate that you don’t want any help. I was very impressed with the fact that hints are still personalised – when you ask for a hint, you don’t get back a vague, generic answer that’s all but useless. There was one point where we asked for a hint only to figure out the answer ourselves a few seconds later, and I was quietly impressed that our game master was paying close enough attention that he saw we no longer needed help and ignored the hint request.

Although In Memoriam has a reputation for being a very difficult room, I found it was moderately challenging, but not excessively difficult. There are other rooms I’ve played that I’ve found difficult when others haven’t, so I think it all comes down to the way your brain works and what seems logical to you. In Memoriam worked in a logical way for me and was absolutely designed to suit my way of thinking.

Theming: 8/10
This is a room that has some fantastic theming elements, while other parts were more of a nod towards a theme than being fully immersive. The premise of the room is an unusual one, and I was very interested to see how the Enigma Room team had designed a room based around someone’s consciousness. I thought it was very cleverly done and overall the room made  a lot of sense. As I mentioned previously, this room has been operating for years now and it’s a credit to the Enigma Room that it still holds up well against all the newer rooms that have opened.

Creativity: 9/10
To begin with, the premise of this room is incredibly creative. We were immersed in the storyline before we even set foot inside the room – something that I thought added a wonderful extra touch to the experience. The puzzles were a mixture of high tech and low tech, and although there were several padlocks that was far from being the only puzzle type. There were a few low tech puzzles I’d never seen before and one in particular was incredibly creative and worked brilliantly with the theme. The high tech elements were perfect and I was blown away by some of them. Those were the puzzles that constantly had me going “wow” and it was great to chat with our game master afterwards and learn a little about how they’d been put together. High tech puzzles don’t suit every room, but I thought they fitted really nicely with the theme of this one as well as being a lot of fun.

Fun: 10/10
I had so much fun playing this room. In part, I think that was because I didn’t find it too challenging. Not to say that it wasn’t still a difficult room, but I never felt frustrated or like I didn’t really know what to do next. Our team managed to move through the room at a good pace with minimal hints and it was the type of room where we’d go to try something and most of the time it turned out to be exactly the right way to solve a puzzle. I loved the storyline and the fact that we had a mission to solve – it was fun discovering more about our mystery woman as we moved through the room. All in all, my entire team had a great experience.

Atmosphere 10/10:
The staff (and our game master in particular) were wonderful. I appreciated being able to chat about the room after we finished. We said at the beginning that we didn’t like asking for hints too much, but would trust him to help us when he felt we needed it and he did that brilliantly. It takes a really good game master to be able to judge exactly when to step in and offer assistance. Too many hints and it ruins the game experience, but too few and you run the risk of players getting frustrated. We received just the right amount of hints to nudge us along in the right direction occasionally.

Overall rating: 37/40

A wonderful room with a unique premise. If you haven’t played In Memoriam yet, I highly recommend making a booking soon.

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