Second Telling Missions – Sabotage the Enigma

Room: Sabotage the Enigma
Location: Second Telling Missions, 397 King St, Newtown
Date: 15/07/2017
Participants: 3
Cost: $39.50 per player
Escaped: Yes, but we needed extra time
Difficulty: 5

Overall rating: 40/40

A unique, interactive escape room that is as fun as it is challenging.

February, 1943. One of the White Rose’s leaflets called for Germans to sabotage the doomed war effort so that the war could be brought to a close as soon as possible. Your team has been contacted by a resistance organisation and asked to break into a top-secret army communications centre and sabotage the Enigma key-distribution mechanism. There is only a narrow window of opportunity to do it – one hour – but the mission could change the course of history.

Having previously enjoyed Second Telling Mission’s other escape room, Rescue the White Rose, we were looking forward to another foray into the world of espionage. Yet again, we were in a real-world inspired room with a clear mission – this time to sabotage the Engima machine. Knowing a little about the Engima I immediately felt that the stakes were high and that somehow managing to sabotage the machine would bring about the end of the war – despite the fact that I was aware we couldn’t actually change the course of history. Still, it was fun to pretend for an hour and I got very involved in the storyline (and felt a little bad for the allies that we were the best they could come up with).

We had an actor inside the room with us for the duration of the escape room, which was fantastic and absolutely added to the whole experience. Because of that, the hint system was a little different from any other room I’ve played and, I have to say, probably my favourite hint system ever. I won’t go into any details about how it works, but suffice to say it stopped me from getting too frustrated (as this was, again, an incredibly challenging room). The other benefit was that the hints flowed seamlessly with the whole experience, rather than being something that pulled you out of the moment.

Theming: 10/10
As with Rescue the White Rose, the theming of the room felt completely authentic. All decorations were there with a purpose and everything flowed well. I’m not a fan of really busy rooms that have too much going on – it’s difficult enough to solve puzzles in an escape room without having to figure out what’s a clue and what’s just there for decoration. Considering the theme, it also would have been odd for the room to have much in the way of decoration. Again, having an actor in the room with us made it feel a lot more real and absolutely added a lot to the theming. I don’t have much else to say – it was excellent, it worked well, and Second Telling Missions clearly have a clear sense of vision for their rooms, which shines through.

Creativity: 10/10
Really, how could this be anything less than a perfect 10? Yet again, Second Telling Missions managed to have an excellent mix of low-tech and high-tech puzzles, all with a homemade feeling to them that fitted in perfectly with the 1940s Germany theme. The interactive element was perfect and really elevated the room from great to fantastic. There was one puzzle that we accidentally managed to force somehow, and although nobody was sure how we did it, I have to say I’m very glad we did as figuring out the answer would have set us back by at least five minutes, probably more. As with Rescue the White Rose, there was a storyline in the room that carried through until the end, which I really appreciated. I love the way every puzzle they use feels like it’s there for a reason. It’s never a case of throwing something in just because – every puzzle has been carefully planned out and adds to the authenticity of the room.I was really impressed with the variety of puzzles they had. This wasn’t a room that relied on copious padlocks – pretty much every single puzzle was different, which was part of why I found the room to be so difficult.

Fun: 10/10
As much as I loved playing Rescue the White Rose, I have to say that Sabotage the Enigma was my favourite – and right up there as being one of the best rooms I’ve ever played. We had a thorough walkthrough at the end and even got to see how one of the puzzles was made, which was great and reminded me again how well thought out both of Second Telling Mission’s rooms are. There were also a few little details we’d missed while playing, so it was great to have those brought to our attention. Although I found it to be a very challenging room, I wasn’t frustrated this time around – whether that’s because the hint system worked so well for me, or because I was just in a better state of mind, I’m not sure. Allowing us a little extra time at the end was also very much appreciated. I know rooms aren’t always in a position to offer that, but it was wonderful to leave feeling like we’d completed our objective, even if we went a little over time.

Atmosphere 10/10:
Again, there really isn’t much to say here. The staff at Second Telling Missions are wonderful and it was a great experience from beginning to end.

Overall rating: 40/40

If you want a challenging room with an authentic feel and a bit of creative interaction, Sabotage the Engima is the perfect escape room for you.

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