Jetpack Theatre -Art Heist

Room: Art Heist
Location: 404 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill
Date: 09/07/2017
Participants: 3
Cost: From $40.50 per person
Objective achieved: No, but we were close!
Difficulty: 4

Overall rating: 40/40

Do you have what it takes to steal a priceless work of art from underneath guards’ noses?

​You and your crew plan and carry out a robbery in our purpose-built art gallery.
Distract guards. Avoid cameras. Fool alarms. Dodge lasers. Steal art.
But be quick, time’s already running out…

​Art Heist isn’t a traditional escape room, but it’s the kind of thing that will appeal to people who play escape rooms for fun. Less a room, and more an interactive show, if you’ve ever fancied yourself to be some kind of criminal mastermind, this will be right up your alley. There’s a painting hanging in an art gallery and it’s your job to steal it without being caught. It’s every bit as fun as it sounds – and every bit as challenging, as well. Looking back, there were a few errors we made which cost us some time and I’d guess that most groups would manage to steal the painting successfully. But despite our failure it was still an incredibly fun experience.

We had a team of three and I’d recommend a team of four. I certainly think you’d struggle to do it with less than three people! I’m actually really sad their season has sold out because it’s the kind of thing I would have loved to do a second time and it would still be just as much fun. However, I doubt I could have talked my friends into it, so maybe it’s for the best…

Theming: 10/10
I loved the theming for this show. The quality of some of the paintings in the gallery was a little questionable, but the wonderful thing about modern art is that anything is fair game so who am I to judge? Everything was incredibly well set out and it wasn’t just the theming that was impressive, so much as the design. The layout was flawless. The actors were also fantastic and added a lot to the whole theme – in fact, out of everything I’d say the security guards were my favourite part. In fact, one of my fellow players spent the first fifteen minutes too scared of the guards to do anything which says a lot about how realistic it all seemed!

Creativity: 10/10
Usually in creativity I discuss puzzles, but Art Heist doesn’t really have puzzles so much as certain objectives you have to meet in order to successfully steal the painting. None of these are all that surprising if you’ve ever watched any kind of great theft-themed film, but the whole thing was just so original and brilliant that I can’t give it anything less than a perfect score. There were so many tiny elements that went into making this show fantastic and I was constantly marvelling at the attention to detail. The interactive nature of the show was also very creative and really took the whole thing to another level.

Fun:  10/10
I believe their season has once again sold out, but I was told they have a cancellation list so I highly recommend you get yourself on it. Art Heist is a really unique experience and so much fun. We may not have succeeded, but we spent the whole time giggling and I don’t feel like it was any less of a fun experience just because we didn’t make it in time. Honestly, there’s nothing else to even say about this. I can’t believe anyone could play Art Heist and not have a fun time.

Atmosphere:  10/10
As I’ve said before, the security guards really make the entire experience, but all the actors/staff we interacted with were wonderful.

Overall rating: 40/40

Short and sweet – Jetpack Theatre’s Art Heist rates a perfect score. If you have the opportunity to experience it you’d be crazy not to.

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